We are all unique. Inclusion matters.
ICE is all about empowering schools and families to make inclusion possible. 
 Which one of these children has special needs? All of them.

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“I have trouble staying organized, and it’s hard for me to take a written test. But Ms. Walker helps me by letting me take my tests one-on-one. She asks me the questions and lets me answer out loud. She also helps me by taking a picture of the assignment board in case I forget to write it down, and that way I always know what homework to do.”
“At Holy Family, the kids in the school know Joey’s name and he counts among his close friends those within his class. His smile says it all. He is at home. “

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Goal = Zero barrier Catholic schools ...

2 weeks ago

Inclusive Catholic Education of Oregon, Inc.

Excellent conference. Next year in Baltimore!We have 50 educators from all over the country attending our 3rd Inclusive Catholic High School Conference. 50 educators who care enough about inclusion to out their life on pause and meet with others and learn more about evidence-based best practices on inclusion. It’s heart-filling and soul-nourishing. So very grateful for their leadership and their dedication. ❤️ ...

Excellent conference. Next year in Baltimore!

3 weeks ago

Inclusive Catholic Education of Oregon, Inc.

Yes.You do inclusion because it is the right thing to do. That's it. ...


3 weeks ago

Inclusive Catholic Education of Oregon, Inc.

Many benefits of diverse students learning together.Fun Fact: According to a UC Davis MIND Institute Brain Researcher, people with Down Syndrome have hot spots in their brain that match only one other subgroup of humans: Buddhist monks in high meditation! So, people with Down Syndrome operate in a present-moment, calm, joyful state on the regular...imagine that influence in a classroom! Every person has something sacred and holy to offer our world. Inclusion creates the space to allow for that. Work for it everyday. <3 ...

Many benefits of diverse students learning together.
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