We are all unique. Inclusion matters.
ICE is all about empowering schools and families to make inclusion possible. 
 Which one of these children has special needs? All of them.

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“I have trouble staying organized, and it’s hard for me to take a written test. But Ms. Walker helps me by letting me take my tests one-on-one. She asks me the questions and lets me answer out loud. She also helps me by taking a picture of the assignment board in case I forget to write it down, and that way I always know what homework to do.”
“At Holy Family, the kids in the school know Joey’s name and he counts among his close friends those within his class. His smile says it all. He is at home. “

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Students with down syndrome and other intellectual differences can now attend UC Davis. Go Aggies! ...

Important tips by an expert on inclusion.Yesterday, inclusion advocate extraordinaire, Paula Kluth, was the speaker at an event at Bishop O’Connell High School in Arlington, Virginia, hosted by inclusion goddess, Susan Rinaldi, who is the Director of Expanded Services. Paula shared this photo. Such a great reminder. Be Radically Inclusive. #RevolutionOfTenderness 💜 ...

Important tips by an expert on inclusion.

Let’s start more “firsts” in our schools!Happy Sunday! Today, we received this hopeful message from an administrator at Christ The King Catholic School in Seattle, Washington: “I am an administrator at Christ the King Catholic School in Seattle. I have learned so much as a member of this group. Proud to share with you that we have our first introduction into inclusion this year with kindergartner Russell!” Friends, even if it feels like a slog...even if it feels impossible...even if it feels like you are making almost no progress...KEEP ON DOING THE WORK‼️ Every little bit matters. ❤️ We LOVE adding new schools to our map of Inclusive Catholic Schools and we can’t wait to add Christ the King! We LOVE seeing new schools saying yes! We LOVE to watch a school work to be inclusive in the middle of a pandemic. We LOVE inclusion all the time...any time...it’s TIME! Let’s go! #SayYes #StartWithOne #InclusionLooksLikeThis ...

Let’s start more “firsts” in our schools!
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The #GospelOfTheDay (Jn 5:1-16) tells of a paralytic ailing from pessimism, sadness, tepidity: a poisonous fog surrounding the soul that doesn’t allow it to live. Then there is the symbol of our new life: the water that Jesus used to regenerate us in Baptism. #HomilySantaMarta

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